Welcome Dada Duka

Welcome Dada Duka



The story so far!

For many years I have had the great fortune of visiting my sister who lives and works in Africa with her husband and children.  Each visit brings a new adventure, profoundly uplifting but not without awareness of the troubles faced by the population.  My passion for home decor, textile art, African craft and the affection I have for the people who live there, inspired me to create Dada Duka.

The name Dada Duka is a fusion of these two influences – it means Sister Shop in Swahili.

Dada Duka currently employs over 100 women, full-time, in rural villages in Northern Kenya.  We also work closely with two other weaving groups in South East Kenya.  The support we provide is significant in terms of providing a regular wage direct to these ladies and their families who live in very difficult circumstances.
All Dada Duka baskets are handwoven by women artisans- not factories.  Their skills have been passed down from Grandmother to Granddaughter and are still made in the traditional way. By purchasing a Dada Duka basket you are investing directly in helping secure a sustainable future for these ladies and their families.  Women are earning and this is a wonderful thing!