The basket weavers sit together at the side of their market shop in a impressive display of brightly coloured cloth and sisal threads. Chatting, laughing, sharing each others problems and weaving with their strong hands. It is a talent leant from their mothers and grandmothers, passed down through generations.

Harsh climates challenges the livelihood of many women in rural communities in Kenya, who’s main source of income is reliant on agriculture. The rainfall is often very unpredictable and many of the crops die leaving them with little or no income.
The foundation of every basket is the sisal plant. A strong giving plant, drought resistant and environmentally friendly. The fresh sisal outer leaves are decorticated, dyed, dried, dyed again and then weaved. This enables them to retain a regular income, put their children into school, food on the table, fresh water, self esteem and lifts them out of poverty whilst keeping their semi-nomadic lifestyle.

So your basket has traveled along way to find you! An incredible journey from a spiky plant to a beautiful object which graces homes, adding instant texture, colour and interest to any room.