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Quimey (Beautiful One)


Some baskets are hard to give up…. this is one of those!  We love the shape, soft colours and simplicity of the design.  Contemporary, modern and traditional all rolled into one look!  I had the pleasure of spending a few days with this weaving group out in SE Kenya, it was an amazing experience for all my senses.

Height 18cm  Diameter 25cm


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Product Description

All our baskets are hand woven using natural materials and dyes, taken from bark, soil, plants and flowers. Commercial textile dyes are also used in the brighter tones. Making baskets is a slow process; after decorticating (removing the bark) from the spikey sisal leaves, the fibres are then twined, dyed twice and dried by the weavers. Whilst each basket is made with great care and patience,  occasionally a little bump in the sisal or a knot in the wool can be seen. This will not affect the baskets durability and only adds to the charm of the craft. Some of the baskets have the weaver’s name stitched on with a few raw threads of twine, these can be left on or simply cut to remove.


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