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Kilinda (Protector)


Diamonds, circles, random letters and squares all layered up in ballet slipper pink, seaweed and red wine.

Height 22.5cm  Circumference 85cm


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Product Description

Dada Duka is proud to introduce you to The Sunshine Mothers!

This colourful and utterly captivating group is made up of forty five Mothers and Grandmothers belonging to the Tharacka-Nithi tribe in Meru, east of Mount Kenya.  Their crocheting is traditional to this tribe yet so new to us. 

 Having spent time with these women watching them crochet whilst chatting, singing and laughing, it appears to be something they do to unwind! 

Our Sunshine Mothers are paid directly at all stages of their work providing them with a regular wage all year round. We supply all their wool and have recently provided reading glasses, new metal hooks and mobile phones to keep us connected. 

We are working on belts, cushions and rugs for future projects. Their growing popularity and demand for products has enabled us to take on new women to the group who are then trained by the elder members, therefore offering a sustainable future for the next generation. 


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