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Juliet Mercy


For many years I have had the greatest pleasure of visiting my sister who lives in Africa. With every visit brings a new adventure, profoundly uplifting and often deeply emotional.  Africa does this, it gets under your skin and into your soul. Bringing together my passion for home decor, textile art, African craft and the affection I have of the people who live there, dada duka was born!

It has not been an easy ride getting to where we are now and certainly not without fraught.  But with the knowledge that we are helping support the weavers with employment, keeps us going!  They need us to help them  become self sufficient. Every basket that we buy helps these ladies put food on the table, clothes on they back, pays for health care, clean water and school uniforms for their children, as well as their self esteem.

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Product Description

These bright and beautiful bags come in 4 sizes, this one is the medium.  A hundred percent recycled white and purple plastic has been woven through strong tough sisal.  They have been finished off with two leather handles which have been both sewn and knotted. These bags will not fade, can easily be wiped clean keeping them fresh and hygienic all year round.

Due to the handmade nature of all our ranges, some variations of size will occur by a few centimetres either way.

Height 28  – 31cm

Circumference 95 – 100cm



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