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Lucy Kanyna


This vibrant crochet basket that exudes timeless elegance and artistic flair. Crafted without the constraints of a pattern, this unique piece is a testament to creativity and skill. Its intricate stitches form a beautiful tapestry of colour, sure to brighten any corner of a room!  With its handcrafted charm and versatile functionality, this basket is not just a decor item but a work of art that adds warmth and personality to any space.

Please note that the last picture is of a similar size to Lucy

Height 10″

Width 13″


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Product Description

Dada Duka is thrilled to present The Sunshine Mothers to you!

Currently this group is made up of 65 Mothers and Grandmothers from the Tharacka-Nithi tribe in Meru, east of Mount Kenya.  This vibrant and immensely engaging group has a long history of crocheting.

They have no set pattern, and the intricacy and sophisticated methods call for intense concentration and focus. The women meet up weekly and work together, often singing and dancing in between!  Their work will then continue at home. Their primary source of revenue was bee keeping but with additional income through crocheting offers a further salary which is greatly needed.

At every stage of their labour, our Sunshine Mothers receive direct payment, giving them a consistent income throughout the entire year. In addition to supplying all of their wool, we have also provided new metal hooks, over 150 pairs of reading glasses and mobiles to keep us connected.

All our crochet items are machine washable on a gentle 30*cycle


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